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Yan Yu’s Appearance in a bright way on the Presentation

Yan Yu’s Appearance in a bright way on the Presentation

    JiuJiu Yinxiang appeared on Guangzhou SUN IN SKY Presentation Week in 2016 with its subordinated brand Yan Yu. All of more than a hundred jewelry accessories for this exhibition were the new products of Yan Yu with full application of filament-inlaid technology, in combination with modern elements and innovative design, including the 24 SOLAR TERMSMERMANATTRACTIVE FRAGRANCE,ZIXI ZIXI etc. The 24 SOLAR TERMS and ZIXI ZIXI have fabulous natural forms; The Falling Stone series of TIMES integrate wax carving process and fashionable style and exhibit another world in the sealed memory. The exquisite artic works were placed and outshone on the exhibition stands.

In addition, the approach of exhibiting jewelry with matched clothing was used for the very first time, showing the audiences wear effect of the products, which was refreshing. On T stage, the young and beautiful models wearing this long-standing masterwork made by the craftsmen with confidence and fashion resumed Chinese royal craftsmanship with 5,000-year history, interpreting the demeanor of prosperous dynasties throughoutChina’s history, which was like staying in the dream, or like that an entire lifetime passed.


  Through getting rid of the stale and bringing forth the fresh, Yan Yu interpreted previous life and current life of filament-inlaid Jewry, showing refreshing fashion show. Yan Yu exhibits perfect infusion of tradition and modern and pours out mysterious oriental classics with unique interpretation method.


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