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When Oriental Classics Integrates into Modern Fashion

When Oriental Classics Integrates into Modern Fashion


 Shanghai International MODE Exhibition was inaugurated in April, 2016. The Exhibition was launched in the famous Julu Roadof Huangpu District. Yan Yu attracted a lot of attention as one of the exhibitors participating in this Exhibition for the first time.

 As the brand that has always been inheriting and innovating traditional filament-inlaid process, Yan Yu exhibited with the new conceptive image this time, bringing a sensory feast to the audiences. With the exhibition theme of “returning to the nature”, we launched five series, including ESSENCE,METEOROLITE, FLOWERS ARE NOT FLOWERS, FLAMING,AT ONCE, in which FLOWERS ARE NOT FLOWERS series included filament-inlaid product in the combination with self-developed new materials, interpreting the beauty of filaments in a new way. The five series of Yan Yu exhibited the beauty of classical filament on the fashionable stage of the jewelry fair, integrating filament inlay into people’s daily clothing.

Yan Yu’s Showroom was particularity shown at its every detail, and it was no longer an antique screen, but the derivatives for elegant forms and modern flavor instead. Heavy and stiff counters were replaced with staggered logs, with dry flowers scattered among the logs. They increase natural breath, and reduce the sense of distance between the customer and the product.

  Yan Yu took the cultural innovation and Chinese culture’s going-out as the driving force for originality of the brand; and integrated the philosophical connotation and cultural meaning included in traditional imperial cultures into the jewelry skillfully; and meanwhile brought the modern fashion into the design vision with fashionable styles granted the works with sense of modern to make them fashionable and elegant with strong oriental aesthetic elements and temperament reflected herein. The deep cultural connotation and noble brand image displayed elegant and unique oriental flavor everywhere. With the mission of innovative development of traditional culture, Yan Yu led filament inlay into the fashion circle with the most beautiful posture, and interpret new fashion mark by its natural air of king.

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